Friday, June 28, 2013

Here's to Maine summers.

It seems like this summer we've had rain two weeks out of every three.

With the first glimpse of sun I planted my garden like a wild women.  It just so happened to be on a Thursday, also known as the first day of my work week.  I was just a bit tired that week as I served, but it was worth it.

Somewhere in there, actually growing very well, are some yummy veggies.

And then it rained and rained.  So I now have a french garden.  Not really my idea of a sweet little garden, but it is a garden, so I'm happy.

When the sun shined again it was Father's day weekend.  I scrambled to find a cover for my shift and then we headed on up to the farm for a relaxing day of fishing.

And then it rained.

The next time we had a nice little break in the rain we rushed on over to home depot to rent a sander.  Strong man sanded at dusk while I worked and then the next day I stained and stained until I ran out of stain.  Turns out staining a 24x12 foot deck is no small feat.  I couldn't feel my arms as I carried tray after tray to my tables both that night and the next.

But before I could stain the stairs or support posts it rained. Again.

Then it felt like it had been forever since we last fished and we only had 30 - 50% risk of thunderstorms so we jumped on that 50 - 70% chance of NO rain and hit the brook, bringing with us this very loved tag along. (Three boys in the back seat of a car for long periods of time can bring out some very "interesting" noises followed by fits of laughter...)

Unfortunately the only thing caught was Strong man's behind.  The good wife that I am died laughing as I pulled the hook and worm out of his pants.  The bugs however had found some very good catches causing us to retreat.

As we watched the rain clouds build up for the billionth time we enjoyed the backyard for a few more minutes.

We entered this time into the rain with a family pizza night and some indoor tenting.

Here's to rain, and sunshine, french gardens, and half stained decks, and most of all Maine summer adventures.

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