Saturday, June 22, 2013


... Laundry piles high and floors are perpetually dirty.
... Brothers antagonize each other and Momma turns blue from it all.
... Mania regains its strength striking again, my soul exhausted yet determined to win this war.
... I spew words of fire, unable to call them back.
... Hearts are heavy as battles rage among spiritual brothers and sisters.
... Some I care for tell me they "would rather go to Hell then become a christian", because they've been hurt too many times by those in the church.
... I stand in the dark asking, "Now what?"

When life, like the laundry, piles high.  When standing on my tippy toes I can barely see the Son. 

Slowly I wade through willing myself to keep my eyes steady, knowing that if I blink those piles of life will come crashing down.  The story of Peter defying the laws of science, walking on water to Jesus continuously playing through my mind.  The part where he drops his gaze for just a minute, forgetting to trust.  I may be like Peter, walking on water, mentally speaking, but I am determined to learn from his mistake.  I am determined not to blink.

Trust in the LORD forever, for in GOD the LORD, we have an everlasting Rock.
~ Isaiah 26:4

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