Thursday, July 11, 2013

4th of July at home, EFA 3.9

Often we spend the 4th at a friends camp or fishing or off doing something, but this I made sure to take the day off and we closed ourselves in at home simply enjoying each other.  My gifts:

~ Sipping coffee.
~ Watching boys play.
~ Listening to the birds sing and the boys laugh.
~ Watching the "shows" the boys put on for us while they swung.
~ The zip line, even I enjoy it.
~ Archery.
~ Sampling the first of the raspberries, melt in your mouth good.

~ Chatting with my oldest.
~ Savoring him.
~ This back yard, a gift only God could give.
~ Roasting hot dogs.
~ A fire pit built by my three men.
~ Smores, and a boy who can make his own.

~ Watching my boys use sparklers and remembering when I was small like them.

~ Ending the night with an indoor camp out for two little hoolies.

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