Tuesday, July 2, 2013

He's a good man.

One of Strong man's biggest pet peeves to have just fallen asleep when I get this thought of "ubber importance" that spews out of my mouth waking him from his blissful sleep.  Usually it goes something like this: Oh hey did I tell you about so and so? or What if we went fishing for family day this week? or One of the boys said the funniest thing today....For the first, I don't, three years or so this was a nightly occurrence.  By year four it happened often but was always followed with a, "Oops sorry I didn't know you were asleep yet, never mind."  After a while he pretty much learned to sleep through these random thoughts.  Until I thought we had a major conversation once during this time and made a pretty important decision that he had actually slept through just mumbling here and there, but not really listening.  These days I do everything I can not to wake him and when I do he does everything he can to pay attention. 

Last night he was snoring away and I was just beginning to drift off to sleep when I saw a flash of lightning.  I knew there had been flash flood warnings and I knew the boys bedroom window was open.  The good wifey that I am didn't just get up and go shut there window to keep the noise out, but opted for a second opinion.  He's usually a lite sleeper and often my rolling over is enough to wake him, but last night I had to say his name twice and gently shake his shoulder causing him to gasp as he jumped about six inches off the bed.  That was about the time I realized maybe I didn't really need that second opinion and maybe I should have just shut the window myself.  Oops.  By that time I was committed and if I had simply said, "Oh never mind" Strong man would have been more then slightly annoyed with me so I just continued on with my quest for a second opinion.  He, full of grace, got up shut the window and as we were both closing our eyes again there was another flash.

What I failed to notice the first time I saw this flash was that actually it was flashing green and was flying through in our room.  We turned on the light, I stretched as tall as I could hoping to catch him.  Never mind the fact that our ceilings are 16 feet high when I myself am not even five in a half feet high making it virtually impossible for me to catch this guy.  It was after midnight so I wasn't even close to being in my right mind as I'm sure I've already proved.  (Hey, at least I didn't walk straight into the wall as I've heard other Momma's do at this time of night).  Strong man on the other hand he ran for a kitchen chair and a glass.  In no time at all that flickering little bug was beside his cousin all snug in a jar on the boys nightstand.  The house once again was quiet.  As I drifted off to sleep I could help but think, "Oh baby, that man is hot!"

See that little one laying on his back with his legs up dead...Yep that's the one we caught last night...

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