Friday, July 12, 2013

Cats for sale! 50 cents a cat!

Not only does our Laughing little warrior laugh a lot, but he also coughs a lot.  We've spent the winter trying to figure out if he has asthma or allergies or both or if his coughing was just the remnants of the pertussis he had last fall.  Turns out he has both asthma and allergies probably exasperated by the damage the pertussis left behind.

See the top right spot that looks like a bug bite with some redness, that's where he was being tested for cats.  This picture is taken at the very beginning of the test. Turns out it's a pretty severe allergy.

The specialist we saw did nothing but praise our pediatrician for how well he is taking care of Laughter, giving him the best medications.  Even so Laughter is allergic to cats, dust mites, and milk (still).  With those allergies the only change we can make is to find our cats a new home.  And even then we may not notice a difference.

We went on a mini golf date after the test was over.

As we've told the boys we care most about them and protecting them, even though it may not make a difference if our house is cat free there's still a chance that it will.  So We're preparing to say goodbye to our very loved kitties.

Shadow monster!

Meet Stewart (named after the cream soda) and Sophia, brother and sister. While they both are very friendly there personalities are night and day to each other.

Sleepy kitty.

The phrase, scaredy cat, was invented because of Stewart, he runs from everything initially. He enjoys people when they are calm and quiet. While his sister lives true of the saying, curiosity kills the cat, she enjoys the boys and will stay just out of reach teasing them when they try to get her.  If one of us is sitting or in bed often times she'll be right there begging for some attention and every night she curls up to sleep next to me.

Even though there personalities are so different just like any set of siblings they are very protective of each other.  When Sophia has gotten herself locked in a closet or some kind of trouble Stewart lets us know with his funny little meowing, continuing until we follow, always finding that his sister has gotten herself in quite the predicament...They are indoor cats and have been neutered, declawed, and are litter box trained.
To quote this boy, "Oh I love Sophia so much!  She's my best friend!"  This has not been an easy choice, but all four of us are decided it's time to find our kitties a new home.  Oh and we won't really charge 50 cents, just a promise that they'll be loved well.  Let me know if you're interested.

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