Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Corn maze

It's when the fall list begins that we know it's time.

August always brings a "To do list" of things we need to get done.

The list looks something like this:
~ Buy, split & stack the wood.
~ Clean the chimney.
~ Go through the house and make sure it's winterized.
~ Figure out what clothes the boys need to keep warm.
~ Pick apples for homemade apple sauce and some cranberry apple pies.
~ When will the corn maze be ready for us to conquer?

Turns out our favorite corn maze opened for exploration the same week we made our "To do list".

With the sun beating down on us, four maps, a toy car and a camera we set out in a field of corn.  90 minutes later we emerged on the other side feeling accomplished.

And soon we will be back for some of these...

Gifts 182 - 186.
~ Sunny, simple days.
~ Family fun just down the road.
~ Little boys and there cars.
~ Passing on some map skills in a forest of corn.
~ Looking forward to what is to come-baked apples, crisp days, & a full pantry.

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