Monday, September 8, 2014

Simple dates

Really, honestly in my heart of hearts it's a simple life that I want.

I want to grow my own food.
I want to preserve it every fall, and let a full pantry bring my heart joy.
I want dirt in the crevices of my fingers during the summer months.
I want vivid flowers growing all along my house.
I want to sit in front of fires sipping tea as the snow falls.
I want the smell of freshly baked bread wafting through my home.
I want quiet moments with my boys.
...Most of all I want this last one.

I feel as though just last night I was holding a small purring little bundle of life while still feeling the pain birthing him.

In reality that little bundle is now six.
In reality I have felt the pain of birth twice, and both babies purred.
In reality six years have passed from the night I became a mother.
That boy who birthed me into motherhood already knows how to read and write, and he can make himself lunch and breakfast.
While my baby can now make his own bed, set the table, clear the table, and dress himself.

Because time slows for no one I covet those quiet moments when it's just me and them, one on one.  I know how fast they pass me by and I know that as each moment passes they become more and more rare.

The moment captured perfectly by Laughter.

So this morning when I could barely open my eyes as my Laughter sweetly caressed my face I knew I couldn't miss those few moments with him.  As I dragged myself out of bed he suggested we have coffee together.  And so we did.  Just the two of us.

Gifts 187 - 192
~ Days off.
~ Early morning snuggles with my baby who really is almost five.
~ Making coffee while Laughter chatters away as I catch about every third word because I'm so sleep deprived.
~ Sitting at the kitchen bar letting the dark warm liquid bring me out of the fog.
~ Smiling as I listen to what's important in the world of four year old boys.
~ Cherishing moments that are fleeting.

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