Monday, September 22, 2014

One last summer fling

This is what family days are all about...

Kickin' back to simply be.

This week the weather was in the 80s, since we always try to end the summer with a trip to the ocean.  A trip that we hold off on until all the tourist have packed there bags, and it's just the natives.

I love it for the simple beauties, the smell of salt and seaweed, and the sound of waves slapping the rock.

The boys love it for the rocks they find, the rocks they skip, and the potential of sea critters that might be found hidden on the beach.

 Gifts #207 - 215
~ Waves smacking the rock beach.
~ The plop rocks make as they fall to the ocean floor.
~ The cheers of joy when a rock actually skips over the top of the water.
~ Being able to stand back and soak in all there joy, slowing to see.
~ Holding little boy hands on slippery rock so I won't fall.

~ Remembering them when they had the beginners waddle.
~ Watching them scale the boulders.
~ Soaking in the last of summer's warmth.

~ Going home slightly "sun kissed".

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