Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Apple saucing 2014

This year has been so busy with switching jobs, and mourning the loss of my Grandmother, and then switching jobs again, I haven't had the time to can.  I didn't make any jams, or lemonades, or pickles, or sauces, and I probably won't have time to do anything with cranberries.  I decided that apple sauce was a must, even if it meant I had to do it at 3 am.

This is a family joy.  Man of the woods loves the apple picking part...

...While Laughter just likes to be around, this year his focus was how the wagon worked.

I love the smell, the squeals of joy the boys have in the orchard,

and watching summer turn to fall.

Look, Mom, I'm a moose eating apples.

We all love the fun of pealing, eating, playing and enjoying our time in the kitchen together.

Making apple sauce together is always a mile marker, each year showing how much the boys have grown.  Now, man of the woods is able to help boil the apples down.

Little Laughter's almost 2 year old toes from the first time he "helped" make the applesauce.
While it completely tired me out, and I only made 6 pints that I never even taste tested, and I went into work the next day saying it wasn't fun at all, I would do it again and I do look forward to next year.

Gifts over and over again...
~ Gazing at the beauty of apple trees.
~ Working at the counter with my three favorite men.
~ Having little hands involved in the process of making apple sauce.
~ Turning all of life into math practice.
~ The smell of hot apples and spice.
~ Even though this year I was to busy to listen for the "pop" of lids sealing seeing the end result sitting on my counter.

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