Friday, October 24, 2014

Sick days need to be counted

When I was a child my mother had to force me to stay home from school on those days that I was pale as a ghost and couldn't walk straight because I was so sick.  In Europe I had to have three rounds of antibiotics for bronchitis because I waited over a month to go see the doctor.  That time my husband told me either I could take myself to the doctors or he would call an ambulance in to take me, but either way I was going to see the doctor...

I hate being sick, but when I woke up this morning feeling off and then as I got my clothes together for work and had to make a run to the bathroom.  As I sat next to the toilet gagging trying to keep what little there was left of my breakfast down I thanked God for text messaging as I "called" out of work.  Still I assured my boss I would try and get some computer work down.  Not because she asked or even hinted because she didn't, but because I hate to be sick.  But it's now after 5 and all I can say I did today was log into my work email account staring at it long enough that it timed out, which is when I realized today I wasn't going to be good for anything.

Even so today is worth counting...
~ Sick days with furry cats sleeping on my feet
~ Coworkers to fill in for me.
~ Husbands to take care of me.
~ 6 year old boys to worry about me when I get out of bed to make myself a cup of soup.  Offering over and over to make me chicken nuggets so I don't have to move, because that's all he can make in the microwave.
~ Laughter who climbs into bed with his favorite trucks so we can play together because he doesn't want me to be alone.  I play along because I don't have the heart to tell him all I really want is to be alone.
~ A camera next to my bed so I can remember my joys.
~ A big bed we can all snuggle in as we watch Charlotte's web the movie, as we just finished the book last week for school.
~ A warm cozy house.
~ Rainy days make perfect sick days.
~ "I'm all done's" being whispered just after I fall asleep a signal that a certain little boy needs help wiping his bum...These days are almost gone.
~ My favorite pianist softly playing in the back ground as Strong man takes the boys out to eat so I can have some quiet.
~ This blog to keep track of my counting, so I don't forget that God is good, and all of life is a gift.
...#234 - 245

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