Saturday, October 18, 2014

The love of an older brother

It was almost tomorrow and I had just gotten home from work when his curls shock with trembling, and big slow tears ran down his face as he tried to keep calm, "Daddy.  Laughter's missing.  I got up to go pee and checked on him and he's missing.  There's just his head nothing else left."

While Strong man promised to check on Little Brother, this sweet boy climbed into my lap burying his face in my neck as I rubbed his back as I assured him all was well.  Myself holding back tears as I shared his pain, while fighting back the laughter of joy I had in his deep love of his brother.

Sweet boy of six years old,  I am proud to be your mother, I am proud of the man you are so quickly becoming.  keep on loving like you do.

231.  A love that runs deep, something only brothers know.
232.  Sitting with my boy curled in my lap, being able to bring comfort to his soul just as I did when he was small.  A fleeting gift.
233.  Healthy boys.

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