Wednesday, October 15, 2014

May he never change

Sweet Laughter, was named just that on purpose.  As he was growing in my belly, I had lost all of my joy.  I had heard that babies are very aware of there mother's emotions and often have a personality to match that of the pregnancy.  I have no idea if this is true or not, but I wanted a boy who found joy in all of life.  I begged and pleaded that he be full of laughter, and named him accordingly.  My pleadings were heard, he breathes laughter.

Laughter: Momma, look at this big scratch!
Me: Oh how did you do that Bud?
Laughter: I fell off my bike.
Me: Oh well that happened a lot to me.
Laughter:  Never in my LIFE has it ever happened to me before.

A little while later, when it was time to start school...
Laughter: I will write with this hand today, because this one hurts.  Do you know why I practice writing with both hands every day?  (Which he really can write with both hands.)
Me: No why?
Laughter:  So when I hurt one hand I can still write with the other.

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