Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A day with Deano!

A fishin' we went!  What else do we ever do?

Only this time we brought along a very loved Grandpa Deano.  A fellow lover of nature, quiet, streams, and fishing.
In my house this man is know to be able to fix ANYTHING.  If something breaks and we say we can't fix it we hear that "Maybe Deano can fix it.  I bet he knows how to fix it."

This trip started out a wee bit rough.  Tears from both boys for quite a while, but my Dad, father of seven, didn't miss a beat and enjoyed himself.

Our smallest son really was only upset when he was given help that he didn't want but badly needed.  (Still two weeks later is talking everyday about fish, poles, nets, & Deano)

My man of the woods and I didn't fish, not even once.  We still had a blast!  We walked out into the rips and would play in them.  We found lots of amazing rocks.  Used our net to catch more Minnows then we could count.  Used fallen trees as balance beams and just enjoyed all the gifts God has for us in the the woods.

For You make him most blessed forever, You make him joyful with gladness to Your presence.
~ Psalm 21:6

890.  Bubbling brooks
891.  Singing birds.
892.  Fallen trees.
893.  Colorful rocks.
894.  Dad who understands.

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