Monday, August 22, 2011

A walk

Here is an article I wrote for the most recent CBC newsleter:
Would you walk with me for a few minutes?  It’s good to walk together with friends.   Do you mind if we talk of family?  Really what other thing is there to talk about on these slow moving, hot summer days.  Don’t you agree?
Already this year at my house we’ve done things from starting a worm farm to hugging our tomato plants each day.  Exploring life with my littles brings me joy.  Friend, I wonder, how do I keep them small?  I want to always hold those small dirty fingers.  To always see the joy that the simple pleasures bring them.  I want to every day, see the wonder they have with God’s creation and God himself.  If only there really was a way…

There may not be a way to keep them young, but I am learning as I spend more time with my Maker that there is a way for them to always see the wonder in God and His creation.  Here is what I’ve found:  Be intentional.  (Deuteronomy 6:4-7) 
I have made it my goal to do just that.  I have decided to live intentionally, even though it doesn’t come naturally, to live out every moment so they can learn to always see the Love of God.
I’ve made it my goal to soak in there boyness.  To smile at the sticks found in my cabinets as I put away dishes or the parts of nature I pick out of their pockets at laundry time.  To embrace the destruction and conquering that find boys where ever they are.
I am learning to use thunder storms to teach them how big God’s love is.  I am seeing the garden as a way to show them how the Creator cares for us. 
I understand a bit more that each day with these boy men are gifts.  As long as I have them I’ll smile right alongside those dirty little faces and intentionally live life with them.
Thank you for walking down my road beside me for just a bit.  I hope it brought a smile to your face as you walk this path with me each day.  Maybe even some relaxation to your body as you remember these not so long ago days.  I hope you saw the adventures still to come in your future with these small people. 

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  1. Love this one!! Living intentionally. :)