Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Birthday preperation

I've never been one for decorations but with Laughter's birthday day just a few days before Christmas we try to decorate.  The two of us go on a little date to get the cake supplies this years pick dirt cake and an ocean theme.  Make sense for December.  This year was extra special as we got to go car seat shopping as well.

Mom we match we have to show our under shirts..  His white stripes matched my scarf and his burgundy stripes matched my shirt.

Gifts 261 - 269:
~  The way you let laughter flow from your spirit.
~  The unconditional love you show to every one you meet.
~  The way you pull your chair over at the restaurant so we can be close.
~  The way you cover me in kisses.
~  The little things you notice.
~  The way you think outside the box.
~  You always keep us on our toes.
~  I get to be your Mom.

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