Friday, December 5, 2014

Thanksgiving love.

May favorite holiday ever! I've been busy hardly stopping at all.  While the boys and I still spend time together, it looks a little different then it did before I started working full time.  But Thanksgiving week it just so worked out that I had days off with my family.  Memories were made, joy was had and the gifts continue...

249.  Baking with my boys.  I don't have a growth chart because I've never really wanted one, but I do have memories of small toes sitting on the counter "helping" me bake.  Just days after I came home form the hospital with both boys I had them in the kitchen with me.  And so working together in the kitchen marks there growth for me.

250.  All of us waiting with anticipation for the sample of each and everything that comes out of the oven.

251.  Baking in bulk.  I had enough to send home with everybody who came.  I have enough batter frozen to cover all the goodies I need for Christmas.  I even have enough for those days when we're snowed in and just want to snuggle in front of the fire.

 252.  Speaking of snuggles, While the smell of baking goods waft through the house being able to slow and just be with those I love.

253.  Simple crafts that look forward to Christmas.

254.  Uncle who take turns getting up before everybody else and going to play in the snow with the boys.

255.  Pot pies & stew, meals to share.

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