Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas loves

270.  A long car ride in the wee morning hours while the fog seems to swallow my car and the music plays.  There I had quiet moments where I could reflect and process this past month of crazy.  My conclusions, those three men of mine are my three true loves in this world.  If I get to ride the crazy with them then I'll take it.

272. Breakfast with my Pop and my Grandpa.
273.  Long car rides back home just me and my Grandpa.  Laughing until it hurts as I listen to how the washing machine came to be replaced.  (It had something to do with white sand that Grandpa stole being mistaken as washing soap...)

274.  The Joy of my boys knowing my Grandfather.  A man I love deeply and admire greatly.
275.  Quiet days at home just to be with my family.

276.  Two boys who were fighting over who got to be the first to give the gifts they had bought for the rest of us.  Oldest brother decided that it was okay if little brother went first.
277.  The sent of  a drying tree.

278.  Tree decorations to remember years past.
279.  Early nights, with a extra sleep.

280.  A family to share these quiet days with.

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