Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas tree getting 2014

Every year we make a big Ta-Do about our Christmas tree.  Strong man and I love it so much because our tree is full of memories.  Each year we all add a decoration of something we want to remember.  This year's memories:

A minion, I don't think I'll ever forget the "language" of the minions as Man of the woods used it for months driving us just a tad bit wacky.

Toothless, while Man of the woods picked this one out, it's really Laughter who loves dragons.  He plays with them like some boys play ball or trucks.

A teacher ornament, as this is our Strong man's first year teaching the boys.  Really it's the first year our home schooling counts.  With Man of the woods in first grade and Little Laughter doing kindergarten work.

We got the red snowflake because, "It was a great deal because we only spent a few bucks for it, It's worth a lot more then that because it has a REAL gem in it", so says Laughter.

I'm still looking for just the right one.  I'm hoping to find a coffee cup to remember the year my bestie and I shared a home having countless cups of coffee together while we were still in our pj's.

And then there's the tree finding.

Before kids we would wait until the Walmart trees were marked down to five bucks.  We would pick the tallest one which had been cut and tied up, rained on, and snowed on for weeks leaving us with no idea the shape we would find our Christmas tree in when we got it home.  That is why we always bought the tallest so we could take some off the top and some off the bottom if needed.  We loved it.  It was our tradition.  But these days it's worth the extra money to see the joy on the boys faces as we walk from tree to tree trying find the perfect one.

 This year Man of the woods wasn't really there to find a tree mostly to be impish, starting snowballs fights with all of us.

Gifts #:
256.  "Baby boy" old enough to label the gift tags.
257.  A family to celebrate with.
258.  Making our own traditions.
259.  Celebrating the gift of Life.
260.  Little boy excitement over everything Christmas, the joy they have buying for each other, the anticipation of what's to come, and watching them enjoy the moments we have together.

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