Saturday, May 21, 2011

A bunk bed brings a new season

My main goal for the yard sales this summer was to find a bunk bed.  A besty of mine found one for just $50.  It can even be split into two individual beds.  I called the lady selling it and picked it up the next day.  Then my little man of the woods and I went out shopping to find some fun new sheets and blanket for his baby brother.  We've been talking it up just like Christmas ever since.
The boys were pretty excited.  They used tools and did whatever Daddy did.  They were in heaven.
We had a few bumps along the way.  I lost half of the screws and little pieces that went with it so we had to run off to the hardware store a time or two.  Also we weren't able to tell from the pile of pieces when we bought the bed but the ladder and side rails don't go with our bed.  Oops.  My handy dandy Mom and I worked it out (The one who lives blocks away).
At one point we locked them out because they were being a little too helpful.
All was well until nap time came.  Then my son of laughter sobbed because his bed was all gone.  Even though the day before he was ready to move out of his crib.  Even though he wakes up in the night with his feet stuck in the bars of the crib.  Even though he was beside himself with excitement as we made the change.  He wasn't ready to grow up.  Lots of cuddles and lots of kisses finally put him to sleep.  But he woke up still convinced that he did not like that bed.  The rest of the afternoon when ever the new bed was talked about he'd put on his sad face and tell us he did not like the bed.  His brother loves his bed and would often add in that "Zacky likes his bed too"
When bedtime came as big brother was climbing up the ladder Zack got very excited and climbed into bed begging me to come cuddle with him.  As we went through our normal night time routine of prayers and singing Si stuck his hand down over the side of his bed so we could hold hands.  After a few minutes he let go so that he could send down some of his favorite blanket.  Every night at bed time he shares his special blanket with me.  It's just something we do.

There is nothing better for a man than to eat and drink and tell himself that his labor is good.  This also I have seen that it is from the hand of God.  For who can eat and who can have enjoyment without Him?
~ Ecclesiastes 2:24-25

278.  Strong man that puts beds together.
279.  Little boys that want to be just like Daddy.
280.  Neighbors that give the boys flowers to plant in our yard.
281.  Excitement over new bed.
282.  Growing pains-letting go of crib.
283.  Soothing insecure little boys to sleep.
284.  Receiving complete trust from two small men.
285.  Living in town-multiple trips to the hardware store.
286.  Husband who finishes what he starts even though he's late for work.
287.  Handy Mother that makes time.
288.  Bed time prayers.
289.  Singing songs of God's greatness with my boys.
290.  Holding hands with the little man on the top bunk.
291.  Rubbing the corner of a treasured blanket.
292.  Leaving two boys awake and content in new beds.
293.  Seeing my baby fully become a toddler today.
294.  Hubby brought me home my favorite snack food.

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