Friday, May 20, 2011

Re-establishment days

Today has been all about re-establishment.  As I sipped my steaming hot cup of coffee and slowly walked into the living room this is what my sleepy eyes were welcomed with.

 Not sure if you can see the smushed pretzels from yesterday's snack.

Here's an idea of how my "coffee time" went this morning:  "Zack no hammers in my coffee."  "Don't hit Mommy's coffee with your sword."  "Si guy, I can't play tackle with coffee in my hand."

Trying to rescue some forgotten bread dough.  First my bread machine went all haywire, shrieking without end about half way through the process.  Having to finish making the bread the old fashioned way, I forgot all about it and left it rising more hours then needed.  We shall see how it turns out.  At least the house smells divine!

Loads of laundry to do in every step of the process.  I've found three spiders along the way today. Yuck!

One very pushy cat.  I'm not quite sure what has gotten into him lately, but every quiet moment I have he's there begging to be petted.

This bulletin hangs above my kitchen table and underneath the shelf where the crackers are kept.  Here's what happens when little boys try to do things themselves...My sweet boys are pushing all the boundaries.  I am positive they are making sure my love for them is just as strong as it was before our week off. 

Re-establishment days are usually the days I see my job responsibilities the clearest.  These are also days that I have to fight myself from jumping on the "To Do List" band wagon and running over those delicate little relationships.  I will enjoy my messy house.  I will enjoy my active little boys.  I will find rest in today.

One hand full of rest is better than two fists full of labor and striving after the wind.
~ Ecclesiastes 4:6

253.  Learning boundaries
254.  Unexpected phone calls of encouragement from friends.
255.  Canceled plans-extra lunch hour with husband
256.  Forgotten bread dough.
257.  Washer & Dryer
258.  Waiting "to do lists"
259.  Unfinished coffee
260.  Two active little boys.
261.  Slanted bulletin board-renewed appetite.
262.  Out of control bread makes me smile.
263.  Chaotic day brings rest.

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