Sunday, May 1, 2011


Our week revolves around "Churchday" otherwise known as Sunday.  It's how Silas can see time passing.  We count events by how many sleeps until or from Churchday.   As we arrive at church we usually see one of those amazingly gifted women that teach my son many godly values each week.  As soon as he sets eyes on them he's running at full speed, arms open ready to give a tackle hug.  He's overjoyed when he sees his "bestest" friends.  Often he begs to be apart of the worship time.  He sits on his Daddy's shoulders singing at the top of his lungs whatever songs he can think of that are about his friend Jesus.

For Char it's a work day.  One of the best work days of the week, but also the longest day.  He strategically plans his every move so that he can find that fine balance between worshiping the One he loves, and work; all the while still having time for his family. 

As for me, I adore this special day each week.  I am blessed to have people who want to spend time with my boys.  Not just spend time with them but reinforce the same values I'm working so hard to teach at home.  Knowing this allows me to focus on my Shepherd while resting my head on char's shoulder with pen and paper in hand.  I am pushed each week to know Jesus more.  From there I spend a few minutes talking with those I don't often see and learn how the Lord of the heavens and earth are changing there lives.  Just after this I sit in a class with people from all different season in life and we discuss how to better live our life for the kingdom...Glorious!  I can think of nothing better then to be in a fellowship that is focused on the most important aspect of life:  Loving Jesus!

25.  Simple words from a friend.
26.  Being helped along the path by those who have gone before.
27.  Elegant lunch put together by a 6th grade Sunday school class.
28.  Being a part of a Sunday school class that is full of passion for things that are not of this world.
29.  Watching four children in a circle enjoy each others company.
30.  A pastor and wife who lets us watch as they go through hard times.
31.  A pastor who pushes me to go deeper.

It has seemed good to me to declare the signs and wonders
which the Most His God has done for me.
 ~ Daniel 4:2

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