Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A full house makes a happy Momma

It's kind of ironic that an introvert like me would want to have people staying at my house, but I do.

Don't get me wrong I must have my own sanctuary of space. As long as I have that then I'm good to go.

So bring on the people.  Just last week we fit 12 people around our dining room table.  I breathed a sigh of joy as I sat down to dinner with these people.

Memories are being made.

For a time we have a family of four staying with us.  It is good.

Our household is now made up of more children then adults. 

And so we have lost a dining room and invented a play room.

The goal is to reign in a bit of the chaos, protect running feet from a fire place, and give all a sanctuary by making bedrooms off limits.

My laundry room has become a place for the Momma's to have heart talks while keeping our hands busy.  Each guest brings a bit of change, but love is being shown and hearts are being healed.

*Written a few weeks ago but never published.  The family of four have moved back to there own place.

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