Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Happy birthday to me!...Again, EFA 3.3

Ah yes, I am deeply in love with Epic Family Adventures!  This week was in celebration of my birthday since I worked on the actual day.  It was a very impromptu celebrate by the seat of our pants kind of day.  I loved it.

 Today started with the boys letting me sleep in.  I'm usually the last out of bed as I'm the last to sleep each night, but this morning I crawled out of bed just before 10 (I didn't even know I my body would let me sleep that late anymore.)  I broke my two week fast of  life with out coffee and listened to my boys laugh as they watched a favorite TV show of theirs.  From there they took me out for lunch to a place where only the birthday girl was allowed to kiss the moose and covered me in loving words with many hugs in between bites.

I was given the option of making a cake with my youngest or buying one.  I have never bought a cake before but we decided that maybe we could at least take a look.  After the boys picked out a three teared black and white wedding cake they were quickly redirected to something much smaller.  They found this:

Me:  I'm not sure you should cluster 29 candles....
Strong man:  It'll save time lighting them.

After the cake was decided on Laughter who loves to get me flowers said that was what he wanted to give me for my birthday, so he picked out "orange" (peach actually) and announced that he wanted flowers just like these ones on his birthday.

Man of the woods said he didn't really have anything in mind until we walked by my favorite candy to which he beamed with excitement at the thought of gifting it to me.

Strong man sent me shopping at Etsy for a necklace I have been eyeing for months.
Connor Necklace
Check out her shop: Instead of names mine will say "joy, grace, thanksgiving".

Along with gifts that express each of those boys love for me I was showered with hugs, snuggles, and I love yous all day long. 

Umm, yeah, is it safe for me to try and blow out that fire?

Yes, between the two celebrations this is a favorite on my list of birthday memories.  It may even be the best one yet.  I am sure without a doubt that I am adored by my three men and those are the best days.

~ Hugs from Man of the woods during lunch.
~ How flowers make Laughter think of me, always.
~ Man of the woods not wanting to get me just anything, but something he knew I'd love; Charleston chews mini.
~ A necklace to remind me of the God whose love I'll never see the end of and my purpose in life; to give thanks.
~ My three men.
~ Movie night.
~ Yummy cake with blue frosting.
~ To be debt free.

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