Thursday, February 21, 2013

Honest Love.

Ann Voscamp, author of 1,000 gifts, a friend who has never seen me, but walked with me as I began to see grey until is was thick, heavy, blackness.  Always in my ear she would say, "Eucharist, always grace, always thanksgiving, always joy.  Always."  Some how I survived.

Instead of a new year's resolution she picks a word and spends the year making it hers.  Using it to bring life.  When I first learned of this habit I thought what a neat idea, but I'll never follow through, I'm to easily distracted.  Almost 2 months into this year the phrase "Honest Love" will not leave my brain.  I am finding it and the lack of it no matter where I go.  There comes a point where I have to stop and wonder if maybe God is trying to get my attention.  And if he is, well then, I had better listen up.

My heart theme for this year:  Honest Love.

I have no idea where this quest for understanding will take me but I shall pack my Bible, a notebook and my favorite pen.  I'll throw my hiking shoes on, grab my camera and begin the pursuit of Honest Love.

Make me walk in the paths of your commandments, for I delight in it.
~ Psalm 119:35

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