Friday, February 15, 2013

EFA 3.5, I dare you

I loved every season as a child.

Mud season brought small lakes to our yard to which I would used an small old cement mixer as a boat and a stick as a paddle and sailed away dreaming of real boats and real adventures.

Spring brought frog eggs, tadpoles, and the wind on my face as I raced up and down the old courty road on my bike.

Summer brought camping, fire flies, beach time, and sun burns.

Fall brought branches cracking as I tromped through the woods to the little stream on which I was always trying to create a bridge that usually washed away prett quickly.

Even though those memories are dear it's Winter that beats them all.  Those cold months ment the swap was frozen which was perfect for a little slippin' and sliding.  The marsh just on the otherside of the trees made for a nice little snow field perfect for sitting in the quiet talking with God.  Every weekend I was on the slopes with my grandfather and at least one sibling or cousin.  After every storm a building of snow was constructed.  By the end of the year we had a complete town.  The first four storms were dedicated to building each of us our own house, from there we would build a hospital, school, store, and what ever else we could think of.  When we got tired of building we would go back to our houses to renivate.  Mom would kindly fill pitcher after pitcher of water that we could dump over the walls giving them a layer of ice to slow the melting process.

This weeks family day the four of us set out to make our first ever fort. Good days good memories.

When it was time to see if she was worthy of war I began to think of how much fun it would be if our besties were around.  To which I realized that we both love a bit of compitition, so why not compete in the ability to build a snow fort? Then I got to thinkin' maybe it would be fun for the rest of the winter to improve our fort and see if our friends can do the same posting pictures with each improvement.  And then I got to thinkin' maybe it would be fun if anybody and everybody, those with kids or without kids got in on the action..

So here's me saying to you, "I dare you"... (Assuming more snow comes of course)

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