Friday, February 15, 2013

The sweetest gifts of love on February 14th.

It was a comical night at work.  My head felt foggy or maybe like the buzz when you passed your alcohol limit by one.  A place I do not like to be.  Anyway, the customers were kind and actually nobody noticed my flaws.  My coworkers were sympathetic probably because they were inadvertently helping with my comical night--ie. starting the coffee without putting the grounds basket in place, causing only about 1/3 of the water to be caught by the pot itself while the other two thirds ran off the counter onto the lower shelves.  Actually all but one coworker was sympathetic, I'm good for her pride she says when I have these kinds of days.  And these are days not instances, it is impossible for me to make one mistake without making another.  But you know I'm always happy to see others smile...I owe my manager and coworkers cookies, for sure...It was a good night for all of us.  I was still chuckling as I walked through the front door to find this:

Strong man no where in sight.

My first card written by my oldest.  Beautiful.  Five years of his love flashed through my mind as I realized these cards were numbered before his heart finds another causing me to charish it that much more.

And then I moved on...

The love of a husband is indescribable.  While relishing the moment I inspected my handmade paper flower.  I began wondering where my husband was and for the first time noticed the ipad sitting there with a big button that said play staring up at me.  I couldn't imagine what else he could possibly do to show his love, but pushed it anyway, finding that he had recorded a song he wrote years ago for his brother, but knowing how much I love the song and wanted him to record it I realized my heart could still melt more for that man as I finished opening his gift of love by listening.

In the middle of the recording he rushed in saying, "No, that's not the right one.  What happened?"  Him feeling like a total failure with me in complete bewilderment.  Quickly correcting his mistake he grabbed the guitar and began a song I had not heard before.  A song he wrote of us...

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