Monday, February 11, 2013

EFA 3.4 - Finding the good in Nemo..

A snow storm so fierce that it was worthy of a name.  A snow storm that closed the Hut giving me a pajama day at home with my three most favorite people.

The storm blew the tarps off the wood pile and it looks like some logs too.

Oh wait!  Silly me, that is our wood pile!...Praise the Lord!

While Strong man worked hard shoveling paths and cleaning off the deck I took on the painful task of keeping the kidlets busy.

Aaah, yes so very painful...

Jumping, falling, and flipping off the deck brought back many childhood memories.  In my childhood house there was a deck coming off the second floor.  I would convince my wee little siblings to climb on up and jump off with me.  It was great fun!  Of course until Mom peaked her head out the door and much to her horror saw what we were doing.  She knew every ER personal by there first name so I'm sure it wasn't really what we were doing that she saw but what the effects of our actions were...Since nobody got hurt and since we don't have a second story deck I didn't mind passing it on to my children.

How in snow as deep as he is tall does he find a stick?!

~ A nice man who gave me $50 as a tip the night before as he knew the storm would keep so many away.
~ An unexpected family day.
~ A plow man that we love working hard to get me to work asap, only to find out work decided to close.
~ Fluffy snow for easy shoveling.
~ A strong man to do the shoveling.
~ Teaching my boys to love the snow.
~ Remembering times past when I was the child.
~ Warm tea, coffee, & lemon water to take the chill off the bones.

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