Monday, July 4, 2011

All good mothers know...'s important to take time for themselves.

That's just what my childhood friend and I did.  We left the kiddos with our amazing hubbies and off we went for two nights and three days of relaxation!

The only things on our agendas were lots of time in the hotel pool and pedicures.

We ate like queens.  Greek one night.  Lobster for lunch.  And Japanese courtesy of my Pop who just happened to be in the next town over.  Not to mention lots of snacks in between.

We had some grey clouds that were supposed to burn off but end up dumping water instead so I now have this amazing umbrella, and we also had wet car seats.

We got stuck in the rain again, with my handy dandy umbrella in the car not with me.  Oops.  Luckily we were were able to wait it out at Cracker Barrel listening to the rain, rocking in the awesome rocking chairs and playing checkers.  Which I pitifully lost at.

Of course we found gifts for our loved ones.  My man of the woods reminded me before I left that he would be good and his favorite color was green.

My son of laughter loves babies and loves pretending he's a daddy.  He was excited to have his very own baby.

I said, "Oh that I had wings like a dove!  I would fly away and be at rest."
~ Psalm 55:6

729.  A gift of travel sized q-tips.
730.  Safety driving.
731.  Sister allowing me to use her discount.
732.  Nice comfy hotel.
733.  Heated, people-less, pool.
734.  Comfortable weather.
735.  Gym to use.
736.  Late, late night talks with my childhood friend.
737.  Feeling good, not sore after biking and running 8 miles in the gym.
738.  Torrential rain.
739.  Afternoon at the spa.
740.  Japanese dinner and ice cream.
741.  Evan later night conversation with childhood friend.
742.  Fresh strawberries picked with love.
743.  Able to get "un"-lost in a new city.

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