Friday, July 15, 2011

Another day in the neighborhood

Usually if we're home for the day as Daddy leaves for work my two littles and I snuggle down to watch some kind of cartoon.  I'll be honest here I do this with purely selfish motives.  We do this so I can drink a cup of coffee along side peace.  However often times, such as today, I end up wearing my coffee because the boys feel the overpowering urge to give me a tackle hug.  Even though I have told them a gazillion times to warn me before the hug if I have coffee in my hand, they always forget and immediately repent of there boyish love that I don't have the heart to discipline.

 From there we head outside to play in the water, blow bubbles, ride bikes, whatever the day brings.  Adventure has been calling us all day and we have bravely answered the call.  First by battling chalk monsters and hungry dinosaurs in our driveway.

Followed by catching a dirty, nasty looking beetle that both boys were convinced was a bee.  Even with this strong conviction of there's they continued to hold this bug. (This made me wonder if they even hear my advice on bees, and what they would do if they had the chance to catch one.)

 Off to the park we walked.  Only a ten minute walk, but always a fun one.  Usually the only time they look for me is when they want to swing, but this day was different.  More adventure is what they heard in those four small ears.  The picnic table became a massive sea boat that rocked in the gusty winds and crashed into the high waves.  Only to have my Man of the woods protect us from the sea dragon.  All the while my son of laughter was catching us some fish.
We were interrupted by Time and forced to leave our ship.  Our adventure continued.  We hiked through the forest of shade, crossed deep rivers and pushed through the Rockies, and Volcano Mountains (leaving those innocent by standers on the front porches in belly laughs as we went).

 A joy to be the Momma of two hoolies full of adventure!

Praise Him sun and moon; praise Him all stars of light!
~Psalm 148:3

801.  Man of the woods telling me repeatedly, "You're so cuddly today." as he covers me with hugs.
802.  Tackle hugs.
803.  Chalk monsters drawn and valiantly faught.
804.  Bugs found.
805.  Family walks.
806.  Big imaginations.
807.  Our life bringing belly laughs and smiles to those that catch a glimpse.
808.  Pop tarts and bananas for supper.
809.  Worm soup and blueberry mud pie.
810.  heartfelt laughs as my three men play together.

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