Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A small victory

This drawing hangs on my bathroom door, my "breakdown" room.  It's there so that as I go in I can remember that I am loved and I need to continuously accept this into my life.  I need to accept it like one who' gushing blood to the point of death would accept a transfusion.  I desperately need this flowing through my life veins.  Not only through but also out of my life to those precious men that love me as there queen. 

In the near past I would see this sign through tears daily if not more often.  This is where the victory has come in.  It's been a week since I last saw the sign with tears in my eyes.  Now as I spot this poorly drawn picture I smile at the reminder.  Still starving for more, but isn't that healthy, can one ever have enough of God's beautiful Grace while on this diseased earth?

Though He scoffs at the scoffers, Yet He gives grace to the afflicted.
~ Proverbs 3:34

832.  A week without tears.

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