Monday, October 24, 2011

Preacher husband

For a few short Sundays my Strong man is preaching.  Teaching teens is everyday stuff around here.  I never envisioned him wanting to preach on Sunday morning.

So you can imagine when he came home one night telling me that while our Shepherd is on vacation flowing directly into a conference that he would be preaching, I was a bit surprised. 

It's not his first time, but it is the first time he's doing both the morning and evening services for five straight weeks.

In all honesty he's filling in for some pretty big shoes.  I expected his normal, which is always good.  I did not expect extraordinary.

One of the Deacon quality men in our church came up to me last week to tell me that my Strong man "was one of the best he heard, preaching straight from the Word.  If we ever had our own church he wouldn't mind attending."  Coming from this man I was amazed at the high compliment.  Not because he is slow to give one, but because I admire his walk with the Lord so much. 

If you're interested in what he's got to say you can head over to our church's web page and listen online, but clicking here.  The series is called, "Think Orange" starting October 9th and will continue into the first week of November.

1128.  Strong man preaching.
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1130.  Family to watch the boys so I can be at all my husbands messages.
1131.  The look Strong man gave me as he stood at the pulpit just before he declared his flaws.
1132.  Strong man's passion for the Word.

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