Friday, October 21, 2011

A surprise visit

Meet my beautiful niece, Golden dawning.

Her and her Mommy were able to come stay the weekend with us.  It was unexpected for all but so good.

A very happy baby she is!

With all that was going on she didn't nap a wink this day.  That is until supper time.

My two hoolies found this so funny they thought they'd give it a try as well, but giggles got the best of them.

Bath time was fun for all.  Although Golden's idea of splashing is a bit different from the big boys.

Once the little were all asleep for the night my Sissy and I sat with tea, quiet, and much catching up to do.  In fact when my strong man decided it was time to sleep (because he was preaching in the morning.) he suggested he sleep on the couch and she sleep in our room with me so we could continue our conversation. 

Just like when we lived under the same roof we slumber partied it.  Okay we also had sweet baby Golden in bed between us sleeping peacefully, but we stayed up much later then is good for any Mommy.

I will cry to God Most High, to God who accomplishes all things for me.
~ Psalm 57:2

1124.  Sister coming to visit.
1125.  Adorable healthy, happy niece.
1126.  Long late night talks with my sis.
1127.  Slumber parties like when we were kids.

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