Saturday, August 18, 2012

A wild week

We've run camps before.  We've run retreats before.  We've run all nighters before.  This was our first time running a vacation Bible school.  As expected it was wild, in a very good way.

Meet Professor Hooglraar

Moses with a cloud that drops "manna" (marshmallows).

This year we added an adult portion as well.  It was small, but it was good.  The topic: Parenting.  I think we all left feeling refreshed to know that all of us have our struggles as we learn to raise our children.

Along with a wild and crazy VBS, we had naps at Nana's while I had a Psych date with my Writer sister, we had a spontaneous play date, and a day in Bar Harbor with my long lost brother. 

 Okay so he's not really a long lost brother. In fact when we were kids we spent many, many weekends on the slopes together skiing. We also loved those itty-bitty chicken sandwiches KFC used to sell and we climbed Gram's walls together (literally).

When one is in Bar Harbor one ALWAYS must stop at Ben and Bill's for ice cream.

Even so we're pretty opposite of each other. I say whatever comes to mind, sometimes before I even process it. He doesn't say much. I grew up in the country, he grew up in the city. I'm a Momma, he'll never be a Momma. He's laid back and well I try to be.

Man of the woods, "He was pretty cool to play with." - This picture sums up the day.  Man of the woods hardly left his side.

It's been years since we last saw each other, so we planned a day trip to Bar Harbor.  The forecast said sunshine just days before.  The morning of, the forecast said showers.  The reality of it was a down pour.  We made the best of it covering the boys in trash bag ponchos and walked down town, ending the day with some rock throwing, and crab finding.

By the end of the day Laughter's trash bag looked less like a poncho and more like a tutu.

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