Friday, August 24, 2012

What makes Laughter happy

Do you remember Denis?  If not click here.

Yep, Strong man's doll from when he was a wee one.

Now meet my doll for when I was small, her name is Keekee.  There's a story behind that name, I had some how picked up on the word kinky, but you can imagine what would go on in the minds of any who knew the real meaning of that word so my dear Mom quickly changed her name to Keekee.  Anyway, moving on...Every time we pack up the house I come across her. 

She's wearing Laughter's home from the hospital outfit.

Today she met Laughter.  Even though she has the sent of things packed away they quickly became friends.  To the point of going pee together.  The moment went something like this:
Me: Laughter you need to go pee now.
Laughter: "Okay," beginning to walk away, but turns half way there with a, "Oh Teetee need to pee too."
Me: "This could be dangerous," as I'm now following along imagining all that could possibly go wrong with this idea.
Laughter: "Oh yes this could be dangerous" he pretends to put her on the potty and then hands her to me as he says, "Good girl Teetee"

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