Saturday, August 4, 2012

Family photos!

The last time we did this Laughter was 6 months old.  Now he's four months away from being three.  I'd say it was about time.

I am more in love with him now then I was on our wedding day.

It wasn't long ago that we carried these boys on our hips now to walk hand in hand with them.

Man of the woods adores his Daddy, but is a spitin' image of me when I was a child even in personality.  We're both very neat, incredibly stubborn, naturally see life as black and white, and if we understand the why's and how's of things we're on board with the idea.  To add to that we both have cute freckles, blue eyes and long eyelashes

Laughter, boy through and through, but loves his Momma.  Seriously this past spring I was away for the weekend and this boy said he'd only use the potty for Momma causing Strong man to put him back in diapers for the weekend.  However, as much as he loves me he is his Daddy's son.  When told if you continue to do this you will be punished he responds with, "Okay give me a spanking" and continues on, just like his Daddy as a child.  Plus they both are willing to do crazy things just to get a reaction out of people, and both have the best dimple ever.

We never would have thought six years ago that we'd have these little men.

Or that we could possibly love them so much.

I am beyonds words that I am able to share a life with these three men.

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