Sunday, August 26, 2012

He's off...

With two goals he's off to the woods for some intense hiking and deep meditation.

With 70 miles outlined on the map he realizes that it's been six years since he last made a trek like this one. 

This is where the boys and I dropped him.  He is hiking away from the lake.

He'll be satisfied with whatever the miles add up to as long as he gets at least three days without any distractions where he is able to just be with God.

We could see five different mountain ranges on the horizon.

The woods are where he is able to most clearly hear.  It is here that many major life changes have happened for him.  It was on this last trip that he realized how much he needed me to be his wife.  Well, at least where he began considering it. :)  It is on trips like these that he has realized his need to serve the most Holy King, his need to see the gifts God has given him, and his need to trust the Maker with the small as well as the big.

May God protect him.  May he hear Truth.

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