Saturday, August 4, 2012

EFA 2.19~Marriage, water, & dogs

It is reviving to have Strong man home.  Life feels whole with him around.  Today, his first full day home, we walked away from dishes, dirty floors, cell phones, and the mundane of life to just be together...

Random thought number one:  Do you see this hat? 

Strong man was sporting it all week at camp along with a bunch of buttons advertising the principal from each day.  As the days went on and the pins began to fade he added this one, another advertisement from the same program. 

A newly married couple holding hands.  So sweet...

Or at least that's what you think until you get a closer look....

The teens were slightly mortified...I asked if that meant I was now allowed to do this in public....He was slightly mortified...

...And back to this Epic Family Adventure...Strong man and I had just about decided that we would spend the day in the river fishing when Man of the woods piped up with, "I only like fishing with the whole family, Grandpa, and Deano, Chaz, and Krysta, Katie, & Philip." 

In the end we decided on Peaks-Kenny which turned out to be a fantastic choice.  There weren't any time constraints and there was mud, water, bathrooms, a play set, and a picnic spot.

We enjoyed it all.

Some of us even enjoyed certain parts to the extreme.

We made friends with a water beetle.  Laughter, "wobe him sooo much!" 

Random thought number two:  See the egg on his head?  As we were piling into the car today he had on his super heroes mask that usually slides down covering his eyes.  The fact that he can't see doesn't ever stop him.  Him and Man of the woods were running up and down the sidewalk doing long jumps.  It's now a known fact to all in my family that when one can't see one doesn't notice when one is jumping off the sidewalk into a hole at just the right angle that one's head hits the pavement...

Man of the woods as his new normal spent the entire day in the water.  He loved it when we would take him out over his head, throw him into the air, splash him, whatever as long as water was involved.

Once we were happily playing when the water began to bubble.  I thought the bubbles were from us jumping in the water, but Man of the woods informed me that really it was the first sign of a water dragon!

Random thought number three:  Isn't it strange that a man would be swimming behind a kayak while the dog kayaked?

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