Wednesday, August 22, 2012


In six years we have lived in four different places.  In less then a month we'll be moving into our fifth home.  Each one has marked a season of life, teaching us many things.  We are quickly learning that as James says it is futile to worry about tomorrow since we are not in control.

Last winter as I laid awake for what seemed like hours and prayed about our next house for no other reason other then it seemed like it was what I should do, God knew that we would be moving within the month.  It was good.  He said yes to all of my wants.  From that I have learned that my wants are not always the best choices.

To add to that lesson, not even three months later, a friend that has reached out to me in all of my times of need; a family who is further down the path then we are gave us a call.  We were asked to take care of there home.  Not a simple we're going out of town for a few weeks will you mow the grass and make sure nobody breaks in, but a long term would you be willing to leave your apartment and move into our house for at least a year?  A gift to be trusted.  A Daddy who showed me He knew not just my wants but also my needs and he would give me what I wouldn't even think to ask for.

The only stipulation: We open the home to any who need a place to stay.  The house after all isn't ours or theirs but Gods.  An answer to a dream that began ten years ago.  Look over here for the full story.

So our families together, heading in different directions, are off on new adventures, but still to walk hand in hand.  A gift to know a detailed, unfathomably loving God.  A gift to know this family.

You ears will hear a word behind you, "This is the way walk in it," whenever you turn to the right or left.
~ Isaiah 30:21

~ To be trusted by our friends and by God.
~ To have a relationship that is based in Perfect love.
~ To be loved and known by this family.
~ To serve a God of details.
~ A dream give years ago that is now becoming a reality for at least a time.

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