Monday, August 13, 2012

A first of

While this summer has marked some last of's as the boys are just about out of the baby stage. It also began the first of's on a different scale. One of these first of's is the trip we took last week to see our Missionary sister who for now is living in New York, just outside of the city. According to Google it was only a 7 hour trip, but with two stops and hitting some traffic to say it was a 9 hour trip would be putting it nicely. Even so the boys did a great job. At one point Man of the woods said, "You should have waited until I was five or six before we went on a long ride, because then I wouldn't be so bored." To which we said, "Don't worry bud we even get bored, nothing would change if you were older."...

...As you can tell. White boards were a great buy for the trip maybe the most used toy (by all of us). Along with the introduction of Mad libs. The driving parts of the trip went extremely well.

Between there seats we kept a basket of toys to entertain with a bag full of more toys to trade out once they were bored, but for some reason that never happened. Between the front seats we kept a basket overflowing with snacks.

Food is something we all enjoy and I think it made the trip go more smoothly. However we did learn what not to bring along:

Kit Kat bars are not good for little boys in the car.

About half way through Maine in talking with Strong man I wondered if he had gotten directions. He responded with, "I meant to."... So as we got close to the city the white boards also became some crazy directions to get us where we were going.

It was good to see her.

For breakfast one morning she took us to a bakery where you can go into the factory and hand pick the warm breads yourself.

She wanted a date with the littles, sending us on a date of our own. We stayed up until midnight while the boys slept in her room.  We did girl things, while strong man read, and the three of us had deep conversations.  Then as a family we couldn't resist the Ren faire...

 A place where Robin Hood protects the poor...

...And falls in love with Lady Merriam.

Where rides are manned by human strength.

Where Auntie's love tanks are filled.

Where boys play with sharp pointy things.

Where we find the kissing bridge.

And where the littles find marshmallow catapults.

Where archery happens.

And fights break out.

Where jousting is watched.

By even the queen herself.

Where good always wins...

...And the hero gets the girl.

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  1. Love this! I am glad you guys had such a good time. Great pictures.