Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A thousand thoughts a minute.

He instinctively knew when another contraction was beginning as we spent 29 looong hours in anticipation of meeting our first born.  In a gentle voice he would tell me, "It's time to start breathing again."  It's the same with my unwanted manics and depressions.  He sees them before I do.  In his gentleness he warns me to slow, rest and breathe.  He was made to lead me.

Just over a month now we've both watched as the symptoms have increased.  It began with apologies over nothing and everything a hundred times a day.  From there thoughts, would escape my mouth before my mind had processed what it was saying, causing a true need for apologies and forgiveness.  Always sleepless nights during these battles.  Now, as this body breaks with fatigue a wild river of thoughts pass through allowing this mind to find no rest.  A river flowing so quickly thoughts are only begun but never finished as the next rages by.  A river of nonsense.

Welcome to the mild state of mania.

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