Saturday, September 29, 2012

My dearest Lover,

Six years ago today, I agreed to be yours. 

September 29th has meet us separately this year.  Here I am on the east side of the Atlantic with you on the west. You, settling into our new home with the boys. Me, here helping where I can while enjoying old friends.  As I stop to think about the path God has brought us down.  It's a little crazy the things we have found on this day these past years.

Wishing I had our engagement photo...

Year one:
You a worried husband and father as I spent more time with the toilet then anything else while losing weight by the minute.  It's how Malna made himself known to us.  Well that and the dozens of tomato's I ate in the very beginning.  Do you remember running to the store every few days for more tomato's?  How about the ziploc baggies I carried around?  You know just in case I wasn't able to find a toilet in time.

Remember our trip to Europe that year?

Year two:
At five months old I'm not sure that Man of the woods had slept more then 45 minutes at a time.  This is when I really started pushing the Doc. for help as I just knew some where in my Mommy instincts there was more then just a screaming baby in our hands.  You were so good to me to always trust me and push me to trust myself as I learned to mother.

Year three:
I was six months prego with Laughter.  It was a difficult time for me, hence the name Laughter for him.  I had already out grown all my maternity clothes and when I didn't think morning sickness could get any worse this boy showed me I was wrong.  You loved me through and saw signs that I couldn't see on my own.  Man of the woods was my best buddy by this point and you were my hero.

Year four:
Our first normal year with two amazing boys.  We went out for sea food to a restaurant we only considered on special days like this one.  It was good to be with you without a baby belly in the way of your hugs or the table as I ate come to think of it.  Actually both were really good.

Year five:
This year I think we went out to eat as well, but you know these were dark days for me as Manic-depression reared it's ugly head causing my mind to spin out of control.  Here too, you were so good to me.  Always telling me this is just like any other sickness.  It would pass but for that time I needed to focus on healing.  You were right, for a time at least it has passed.  You have loved me so well.  Not always in ways I wanted, but always in ways I needed.

Surprise your thirty...and NO you may not smear that cake all over my face.

Year six:
This year.  Miles apart from each other, but still fully satisfied in who God has grown us to be.  I'm holding my breath to see where it is he'll take us in not only this coming year but the next six.  He has surpassed my hopes and dreams even with all the pain mixed it.  I wouldn't change these years for anything.

In many ways this day means more to me then the day I said I do. On that day I was making a public promise, but in my heart this day is when I committed myself to be your wife.  I could not imagine where our journey would take us.  God has taken us down paths that I stand in awe of when I stop to think about it all.  I stand with you with anticipation to what will come our way in the future. 

I'm looking forward to being wrapped tightly in your arms as we remember our beginning.  Happy six years, Lover...Oh and I'd like to make a request? Let's run away for our anniversary this year, shall we?   You pick the place...Okay my only stipulation is that I do NOT want to hike in the snow to a cabin with an outhouse.  Maybe someday, but not this year.


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