Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mania. Did you know...

Did you know that a lot of us Bipolar people are on epileptic medication?  Yep it's true.  One of the more common is Lamictal.  In fact it's one of the best meds to ward off those awful manias.  And it's one of those medications that has the least amount of side effects.  With the exception of that lethal rash you might get in the beginning if you raise the dosage to quickly.  Other then that "minor" detail it is a great medication.

Did you know that these manic episodes I suffer is caused by the same chemicals that cause seizures?  Exactly why epileptic meds works so well.  You see there are these two chemicals called glutamate and GABA receptors.  When the glutamate gets too high it causes your brain to get so excited that brain cells literally burst.  (I'm guessing this is where the saying, I'm so excited I just might burst, comes from)  The GABA receptors keep the glutamate in check...For any who understand this better correct me if I'm wrong, I'm just beginning to learn about these two.

Did you know that your body can have too much serotonin?  In fact it's just like candy too much will make your stomach sick.  While it's a chemical that needs to be stored up for things like long, dark Maine winters, I'm learning I have to find a balance.  This is where I'm at right now.  For the last month I have constantly felt sick to the point of vomiting at times.  Remember the light therapy I started at the beginning of the summer?  It works great.  The whole purpose was to increase my serotonin.  Maybe it works a little too well.

In many ways this serotonin overdose is good for me.  As life is full to over flowing I am forced to slow and take care of myself.  This slowing may protect me from a major crash.

Balance is always needed.  God is always good.

~ A stomach upset to remind me to take care of myself.
~ A God who is involved in the details of life.
~ Life adventures.

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