Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A walk through a village or two.

Y'all know I'm in Hungary, but let me show you around a bit.
Grandma with the Hungarian flag.

Welcome to my home town in Hungary!  Shall we take a walk?

As you walk the outside of the village this is what you see.  A lot of farm lands.

Dirt roads are common.  To the left you can see a bit of wall that belongs to the castle (We'll do a tour of that another day).

A home.  the directors to be exact but it's a common village home.  Just like the in the states there are amazing homes, average homes, and run down homes.  This is an average looking home.

Catholicism is the the national religion.

Notice the pool signs & the camping signs. 
Funny how these were here before a restaurant, ATM, and still no gas station.

Welcome to the sweet shop or the Cukraszda:

Not from the Cukraszda, even better made by a friend.  One of my favorites.  I just had to show it to you all.
And now leaving my village. 

But we're heading to a bigger one two villages over.
Welcome to Nagykata.
The sign for Penny market is hiding behind the tree, but this is a real grocery store.  While Toalmas has plenty of small stores that carry just about everything this is a true grocery store.

There are two gas stations here.

Remember my szalonna friend, well she also has a talent of sharpening knives in the back of a car while at a gas station.

The library.

Welcome to my favorite restaurant in Nagykata.

A traditional reformed church:


Thanks for the walk.  I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. Really enjoyed, this post. You are silly I laughed out loud twice. One when you were hugging the sign and the other when you talked about Reka sharpening knives in the back of the car at the gas station... Wow...

  2. Well Charlie, now you truly know reka. I mean, whe we first met, you met the "let's-give-Shan's-husband-a-(fairly)good-first-impression" reka, now you met the "real" reka... (reka here)