Tuesday, October 2, 2012


This girl she knows my tastes and I know her shoe style so it's a win win for both of us.

One of my favorite foods here is szalonna.  Here's how you make it:
1. build a fire.

2. Pray the fire actually starts as you use your last match.
3. Cut up the Szalonna as seen below.

...Yes that is just fat...
3. Roast over the fire.

4.  You want the fat to be hard like but you do not want it to be black.
5.  Do not follow my example (especially using a piece I already burnt to pose for a picture of it being roasted over the fire.)

6.  Aside from not burning it the most important rule is this one.  As the grease begins to drip off in the fire let the drippings fall onto a piece of bread instead.  This gives your meal extra flavor and uses all the fat rather then letting some of that deliciousness go to waste.

7.  Cut up some onion to go with this meal.  Sit with good friends and enjoy!

Lucky for me I was served this meal twice while visiting.  Ah so good (but not a normal everyday meal.)


  1. Twice?? Wow, I am so surprised that you like it Shandy! I am Hungarian, but I don't think I could ever eat it again. :)) You're so cute! Reka B.

  2. Reka! I have missed you and Owen while I've been here. as I walk by our old office I keep hoping that you'll walk out with your smile to talk to me...