Sunday, October 28, 2012

The importance of remembering rest

I am a very systematic person, so when I sit to study God's Words I do it through systems.  I don't often do topical studies as I find it very hard to keep the context of each writer in perspective.  Each book of the Bible, while today's followers use it to learn from, where in fact not initially written for us.  The writer had certain situations and a specific group of people in mind as they wrote.  When doing a topical study I have a hard time getting things straight in my mind.  Instead I read book by book focusing on the context of one book at a time.  There are many times I feel the need to dig deeper in those times I search the Bible as a whole to fully understand.  I research.  It is good. 

As I spent time in Budapest I was drawn to the windows as I felt they showed a bit of the soul of each of the designers.

These days I am reading Hebrews and for some reason this book of the Bible is a very confusing book to me.  As I'm here in this fog I see the need to research.  I'm finding that this book is just what I need in the now of life as it is pushing me to be a better follower of Jesus.

Chances are good that Hebrews was written to a group of people that were thinking about blending two different beliefs together, however Jesus says that only through Him can one enter the gates of Heaven.  Therefore the writer felt compelled to be reminded the people of the superiority of Christ.

In chapter four the author begins to speak of rest.  As I searched both the writers of old and the writers who Knew Jesus personally I was reminded of four things about rest.
1.  There will come a day when because of Jesus' death and Resurrection I will find a true rest where there will be no more pain.
2.  Until that day as I rest one day a week I need to remember it is not just for physical reasons, but it is also a day to remember the promise of the future.  In this remembrance my soul should rest from the pain and hardship life brings.
3.  All of life has a spiritual aspect that points to the Maker and His Son, if I am willing to see it.
4.  Because I am a friend of Jesus even the difficulties that life hands me is a little piece of Hope.

So there remains a Sabbath rest for the people of God.
~ Hebrews 4:9

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