Saturday, October 27, 2012

EFA 2.23 - Friends, laughter & campfire coffee...

It has been weeks since an Epic Family Adventure has been logged.  This weeks is one for the history books.

There are a rare few that we would spend our sacred day with however once a year or so we do this spontaneous family day with my Sister friend's family.  This week happened to be one.  Since she hadn't yet seen my place they headed over here. 

I showed her the house.
We all explored the woods.
The men split wood.
The Momma's had tea inside.
The hoolies played. 

And then came the highlight of the day:  The zip line.

I hadn't yet tried it so us Momma's decided to give it a go.  When it was my turn the following things may or may not have happened:
~I may or may not have barely missed taking out her youngest child while seconds later flipping her oldest.
~I may or may not have taken out my youngest.
~Lastly I may or may not have been laughing so hard I peed my pants.
I'll let you come to your own conclusions...

The rest of this entry will be dull compared to the zip line story, but is equally important.  It's a record of life and friends...As I've been remembering in this little part of my world these days I have seen the importance of both record keeping and friendship building.

That's what we did.  We built a fire where our two families blended, mine may or may not have stood out a bit with exaggerated tears, but other then that we blended taking another step in bonding our friendship together.

After bellies were full the five hoolies played like only little boys can while we parents sat staring into the hot coals drinking the best camp coffee ever talking of life. 

It is a gift to have others willing to walk with us.
Each one helps his neighbor and says to his brother, "Be strong!"
~ Isaiah 41:6

2662.  A spontaneous family day shared with Sister friend's family.
2663.  Zip lines.
2664.  The best campfire coffee ever.
2665.  Childhood fun even as adults.
2666.  Bonding around the campfire.

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