Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thanksgiving tree

I read my sister friends blog last night and found this amazing idea for making a thanksgiving tree.  It's a place where we can put all that we are thankful for in writing so that we can see all that we are given.  Oh man I knew the kidlets would love this and I knew we would all have a blast making it.  Not to mention a great way to learn a biblical truth. 

It's funny how things never quite work out the way you imagined.  Here's what really happened: 
- It seems that the boys woke this morning feeling today was a good day for war.  Honestly at one point I wondered if I could be having WWIII take place right before my eyes in my very own living room!
- By 8:30 they both had been punished more times then I can count. 
- I had foolishly threatened to send them to there beds for the rest of the day. 
- They were forced to hug each other, say I love you and tell brother something good about him. 
- Not to mention that sick Daddy had to come out at last twice because their fighting had woken him up.  (Praise the LORD Daddy was home sick!)

By the time we were done making our tree, with fist clenched, I told each of the boys why I was thankful for them today and then asked if they were thankful for anything.  Both boys flatly told me they weren't and then went off to "play," which for today means continue the fight over toys instead of crafty things.

Well now that was fun, NEXT.

I just used this verse, but I'm not sure I could hear it enough today:
"Behold, children are a gift of the LORD, the fruit of the womb is a reward."
~ Psalm 127:3
I believe scripture is inerrant.  I believe scripture is inerrant.  I believe scripture is inerrant.  I believe...

1178.  The endless question from Man of the woods, always wanting to learn.
1179.  Strong man's desire to know Jesus more.
1180.  Laughter's continuous giggles and free smiles.
1181.  Even though Daddy's home sick he can still parent, especially when the boys have clearly forgotten all that I've ever tried to teach them.
1182.  I have two little boys to mother.
1183.  By lunch both boys were catching onto the idea of the tree.
1184.  A good reminder that most days are not like this.  I am blessed.

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