Monday, April 9, 2012

More then me...

I used to think that all my babies needed was there Momma and Daddy too but understood somebody had to put food on the table.  Aaahhh, how pride always comes before a fall.  Since I have learned that really if all they ever got was me, they'd be pretty messed up people.  Having only been trained to think like I do, they'd probably end up pretty narrow minded; only able to think the way I have taught them. 

So when friends offer to come play with the boys so I can have a few hours to do things.  I just about always take them up on it.  Or if I'm feeling a bit stressed because I have more to do then I have time I don't hesitate to ask for help. It's been good from pride.

So in realizing the conference was just under two weeks away I called in Mimi an adopted Grammy to the boys.

It was so good to come home and see my youngest cuddled up sleeping in her oldest daughter's arms as she worked out her math problems.

To see Man of the woods playing with her grandson.

To see them all so comfortable in my home.

 To have my boys little love tanks over flowing.

2030.  Little boy energy.
2031.  A nice breakfast with one of my "daughters".
2032.  Some time to sit just with my conference thoughts and plan.
2033.  The awe I have that I get to teach about Grace, my most favorite thing in all the world.
2034.  Friends at home in my home.
2035.  A community of people to teach my boys God's love.
2036.  A hubby to drive me home in the rain so I didn't have to walk.
2037.  A quiet afternoon studying the Bible.

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