Friday, April 27, 2012

Once there was a brave boy...

Just after his Momma returned from a three day conference his Daddy had to go out of state for his own conference.  So the boy, his Momma, and his little brother all headed to the mountains of Maine.  Everyday they spent time with friends and family enjoying every minute of it, but what they looked forward to most was the night they would sleep at a hotel.  Each one of them longed to see Daddy who would arrive in the night.

Momma's Pop and good friend came to spend the evening with them.  They had great fun eating out and spending hours in the pool.  When bed time came they requested a lullaby, sinking slowly into a sleep covered in love. 

Shortly after an awful noise began with lights flashing.  There was only a pause long enough for a machine voice to say, "If the alarm continues after this message is finished please exit the building."  So the Momma in her pajamas threw on some shoes told Man of the woods to get up and put his pants on while she grabbed her purse and small laughter, with a blanket to cover up his naked body. 

Man of the woods obeyed straight away immediately alert, held her hand and quickly walked down six flights of stairs in his bare feet.  When at the bottom he climbed on his Momma's back and bravely held on tight as she carried both boys across the parking lot to the car where they could seek shelter from the bitter wind. 

They bravely watched the fire trucks come and unload all the heros.  It was then that Man of the woods realized his favorite blanket was still in the room.  With a quivering lip and big eyes he asked if his blanket was going to burn up.  But when his Momma asked him not to think about it until we knew what was wrong he face grew strong with a manly, "Okay".

When people started pouring back into the building the brave boy walked in his bare feet back in holding his Mommas hand while she stopped the fireman to make sure all was well.  Even strangers saw how brave he was and told him what a good job he did.

By the time they returned to there room everybody was wide awake so they ordered some fun shows on the TV and waited for Daddy to arrive to tell him the story of the brave boy.

Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow.
~ James 4:14a

Gifts #, I have no idea where I am...
~A brave boy who obeyed and chose to be brave instead of scared.
~A boy who didn't complain when his toes were cold.
~Man of the woods to accept that if his blanket burned it would be okay.
~Man of the woods to stay strong while I gave extra attention to his brother.
~Laughter who didn't cry at all, but let me take him outside naked and put him in his own seat in the car.
~Extra cuddles with my boys as we watched PBS until midnight.
~A good God who protected us and our things.
~Strong Man's plane arriving late so he didn't arrive at the hotel as the place was swarming with fireman and cold people out in the parking lot; he was free of the fear only a husband and Daddy can have about there family.

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