Thursday, February 9, 2012


Never have I seen a challenge too big for me to conquer, that is until 365 days ago.  That morning I woke up seeing grey.  The joy I had always known having vanished.  I searched for my joy, until I couldn't stand and tears poured both day and night. 

But now I know what my taunter is.  I have guidelines in which I can fight.  I have a box that begs me to think outside of it.  This unseen sickness is just like any other.  It requires change.  More then just a common cold, a sugary of sorts.  It all starts with the preparation; the list, the notes of Grace, the support of a husband, the promises of a God begging me to see.

This ailment is a gift, a tool used for finding the Light so I might see.  It will take unbelievable mind control to overcome.  Or could it be letting go of unbelievable amounts of pride?  Yes, I think that is it.

Now a year later with a list full of Joy growing each day I still am unable to find the joy I once had. This new Joy I think is unbreakable. A Joy that runs deeper then darkness can reach.  Yes it's worth fighting for, maybe worth more then life itself.

Do not be a terror to me; You are my refuge in the day of disaster.
~ Jeremiah 17:17

1704.  Research
1705.  Holy Hope.
1706.  A worthy challenge
1707.  A heavenward focus.
1708.  Unbreakable Joy.
1709.  Support of a husband.
1710.  Unbreakable promises.

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